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I am a philosopher of science, with special interests in the philosophy of biology and in data ethics. I am especially interested in how empirical practices can be assessed and evaluated from a philosophical perspective. Correspondingly, I explore two main areas of research (1) Ancestry and human population genomics and (2) Causation in biology

In this project, I assess scientific practices in human genomics from within. I am especially interested in how 'genetic ancestry' is a category used to cluster and label human groups. I have been intrigued by how 'genetic ancestry' is a complex construct and how it has consequences to our understanding of human genetic diversity. Moreover, I assess how clustering human genomic data according to ancestry raises ethical questions.


I am interested in investigating what biologists mean when they talk about causes. From a philosophical perspective, causation is often studied from a metaphysical perspective. In scientific practice, however, some causal claims and causal explanations seem to be at odds with how philosophers tend to think about causes. I am interested in providing a philosophical analysis of how scientists appeal to causes in their research programs. I have done so by providing an epistemic assessment of notions such as downward causation and reciprocal causation in evolutionary developmental explanations.


⏤ Haddad, Yasmin. 2024. "The Scope of Reciprocal Causation". Forthcoming in Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology. 

⏤ Haddad, Yasmin. 2023. “The Epistemic Harms of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests.” Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy.



⏤ Haddad, Y. (Revise & Resubmit) Demystifying Downward Causation in Biology.

⏤ Haddad, Y. (Revise & Resubmit) The Value-Ladenness of Population Descriptors.


⏤ Haddad, Y. Measuring Ancestry.

⏤ Haddad, Y. Neto, C. Value Trade-offs and Alignments. A Case from Genomics. 

⏤ Haddad, Y. Neto, C. Values in Genomics. In: The Routledge handbook for Values and Science.

⏤ Haddad, Y. Doolittle, F. Reciprocal Causation: Reviving Mayr's Proximate/Ultimate Distinction.

⏤ The Unbearable Lightness of Intervening: A Realist Metaphysics for Manipulability Theories of Causation (with Caleb Hazelwood)


De Laclos, Choderlos. 2019. “Da Educação Das Mulheres.” In Arqueofeminismo: Mulheres Filósofas e Filósofos Feministas Do Século XVII-XVIII, edited by Maxime Rovere, translated by Yasmin Haddad. São Paulo: n-1 edições.

Poullain De La Barre, François. 2019. “Da Igualdade Entre Os Dois Sexos, Discurso Físico e Moral, Onde Vemos a Importância de Se Desfazer Dos Preconceitos.” In Arqueofeminismo: Mulheres Filósofas e Filósofos Feministas Do Século XVII-XVIII, edited by Maxime Rovere, translated by Yasmin Haddad. São Paulo: n-1 edições.


Ravaisson, Félix. 2018. “Do Hábito.” Translated by Yasmin Haddad. Revista Ideação 1       (37).



⏤ Measuring Ancestry, International Postdoc Forum for Philosophy of Science, University of Minnesota.


⏤ The Value Ladenness of Population Descriptors, CLMPST (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

⏤ The Scope of Reciprocal Causation, ISHPSSB Conference (Toronto, Canada)

⏤The Value-Ladenness of Population DescriptorsUniversity of Exeter (Exter, UK), Egenis - Colloquium Series.


The Scope of Reciprocal CausationHalifax Workshop in Philosophy of Biology, Dalhousie University, Halifax.

Demystifying Downward Causation in Biology, Causation in the Life Sciences Conference, University of Kent, UK.


Demystifying Downward Causation in Biology (ISHPSSB - International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology)


Downward Causation in Biology: a Philosophical Account, Redpath Museum (Redpath Seminar Series)


Emergence and Novelty in Evolutionary Biology, Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS), University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Emergence and Evolutionary Novelties: towards and explanation in Philosophy of BiologyCanadian Philosophical Association (CPA), University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

⏤Emergence and Novelty in Evolutionary Biology, McGill Workshop Series

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